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Best Ski Pass Prices in Les 2 Alpes | Lift Pass Discounts & Deals

Discover & book Les 2 Alpes lift passes, including discounts & deals


Do you want to know how much ski passes are in Les Deux Alpes? How you can get 2 Alpes discounted ski lift tickets? Whether it's cheaper to buy lift passes in advance? Where you can buy Les 2 Alpes ski passes? We've compiled the ultimate guide with everything you need to know about Deux Alpes ski passes, including prices, discounts and deals.

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How much are ski passes in Les 2 Alpes?

Popular ski passes
Six-day passes are the most popular in Les Deux Alpes and are suitable for most visitors to the ski area.

Les Deux Alpes Ski Pass 2019/20
13-64 yrs
6 Days from €262.50
5-12 yrs
6 Days from €210
65-71 yrs
6 Days from €245

How to buy skipasses
You can buy your ski passes online and collect them in resort for free or have them delivered to your home for only €4. If you don't already have a ski pass to recharge, then the hands-free pass is an extra €2. Before you buy anything we recommend you check the weather forecast and/or speak to your accommodation provider, who should be able to advise you on the best options.

Read our separate page for Summer Lift Pass Prices.

When can you ski in Les 2 Alpes with your ski pass?

The Les 2 Alpes ski season generally runs from late early December to late April each year. For the 2019/20 season, the dates are 30th November 2019 to 25th April 2020. Depending on the conditions, there are the are two season bands which apply to lift-pass prices.

Early Season Main Season
30th November - 20th December 2019 21st December 2019 - 25th April 2020

Unless otherwise stated, ski passes and prices are generally subject to the following terms:

  • Ski passes are free to anyone under 5 years of age or 72+ years of age
  • For two-day passes or longer, you benefit from one free entry to the swimming pool or ice rink per day (extra charge for skate hire)
  • For ski passes of six days and over, you benefit from two days in Alpe d'Huez (there is a bus shuttle service twice a week) and one day in Serre Chevalier, Puy St Vincent, Montgenèvre and Sestrière *subject to conditions
  • Longer duration ski passes are available when you buy online and in resort

Prices, offers, discounts & conditions are shown here as a guide only and are subject to change – to be confirmed at the time of booking. Further terms & conditions may apply. Prices may be subject to changes in sales tax.

Ski Lift Opening Dates Les 2 Alpes

Individual ski-passes

During the main part of the season, anyone not qualifying for a group or family discounted rate will need an individual's ski pass. These are available from half a day to 15 days and there are also passes for 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 non-consecutive days, called Liberty Pass (see below).

Les Deux Alpes Ski Pass - Consecutive Days 2019/20 (€)
prices per person
13-64 yrs
5-12 yrs
65-71 yrs
Half-Day - Morning
Before 12:30
43.50 35.00 41.00
Half-Day - Afternoon
After 12:30
44.50 37.50 41.50
1 Day 52.50 42.00 49.00
6 Days 262.50 210.00 245.00
7 Days 305.90 245.00 285.60
8 Days 349.60 280.00 326.40
9 Days 393.30 315.00 367.20
10 Days 437.00 350.00 408.00
11 Days 480.70 385.00 448.80
12 Days 524.00 420.00 489.60
13 Days 567.00 455.00 530.00
14 Days 610.00 490.00 570.00
15 Days 650.00 525.00 610.00

Half-day passes available at the ski pass offices only.

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Ski Areas in Les 2 Alpes

Non-consecutive-days ski passes

The Liberty Pass or "Pass Liberté" is available for 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 and 20 days. These can be used on consecutive or non-consecutive days. Free entry to the swimming pool and the ice rink is also included on the days the pass has been used.

Les Deux Alpes Liberty Pass - Non-consecutive Days 2019/20 (€)
prices per person
19-64 yrs
5-12 yrs
Junior / Student
13-18 yrs / 18-25 yrs
65-71 yrs
2 Days 105.00 84.00 97.00 98.00
3 Days 157.50 126.00 145.50 147.50
4 Days 210.00 168.00 194.00 196.00
5 Days 241.50 193.20 241.50 225.40
10 Days 435.00 350.00 435.00 410.00
20 Days* 599.00 479.00 599.00 539.00
*Season Pre-Sale - 20 Days
15th Sep-30th Nov 2019
525.00 420.00 525.00 490.00

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Ski Areas in Les 2 Alpes

How much are group ski passes in Les 2 Alpes?

In Les 2 Alpes, discounts are available on ski-passes for groups of four people. The so-called Crew or "Tribu" ski pass rates are only available on six and seven-day passes for four adults aged 13 to 64 years. All passes for the group must be bought in a single transaction for the same duration. There are special rates for groups of 20 people and more, please speak to one of the Ski Pass Offices.

Group Ski Pass - Les Deux Alpes 2019/20
prices per person
6 Days 247.50
7 Days 290.90

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How much are family ski passes in Les 2 Alpes?

Family rates are available on 6 & 7 day passes when 2 adult and a minimum of 2 child passes are purchased together in a single transaction. The adults must be aged between 19 to 64 years and children between 5 and 18 years. For larger families please speak to one of the Ski Pass Offices

Family Ski Pass - Les Deux Alpes 2019/20 (€)
prices per person
13-64 yrs
5-12 yrs
6 Days 242.50 190.00
7 Days 285.90 225.00

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How much are beginner ski passes in Les 2 Alpes?

There is a four-hour ski pass that gives you access to 12 drag lifts at the snow front or 'bas des pistes' for €20. There are also 5 slopes that are completely free to use at the bottom of the ski area.

Beginner Ski Areas in Les 2 Alpes

How much are annual & season passes in Les 2 Alpes?

The 2 Alpes Season Pass includes 10 days in Alpe d'Huez, 3 days in Montgenevre, Puy St Vincent, Serre Chevalier and Sestriere, and one day in Flaine. It also includes access to the swimming pool and ice rink.

Ski Season Pass - Les Deux Alpes 2019/20 (€)

prices per person
13-64 yrs
5-12 yrs
65-71 yrs
Season 999.00 799.00 899.00
Season Pre-Sale
5th Sep-18th Oct 2019
699.00 559.00 629.00
Season Pre-Sale
19th Oct-22nd Nov 2019
799.00 639.00 719.00
Half Season
from 15th Feb 2020

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Are there any other ski pass deals & discounts in Les 2 Alpes?

As well as the special group and family rates, discounts on ski-passes in Les 2 Alpes are also available at the start of the season. There are early-booking discounts for one-day and weekend ski passes when purchased between four and two days in advance, online only.

There are discounts for disabled skiers and their guides upon presentation of an 80% invalidity card for mental, motor and/or visual impairment as well as the guide's ID card. Students under 18 years of age can also get discounted passes upon presentation of a student card. 

Discounts will be calculated in the online booking system and vary depending on how many days you're skiing for.

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Who can ski for free in Les 2 Alpes?

Lift passes are free for anyone under 5 years of age or 72+ years of age. Simply present your ID at the Ski Pass Offices

How much are pedestrian passes in Les 2 Alpes?

Pedestrian passes offer unlimited access to some lifts in Les 2 Alpes: Venosc cable car, Jandri Express I and II, Funiculaire and the chairlifts Mont-de-Lans, Cote, Belle Etoile, Village, Diable and Oeufs Blancs. The 2 Alpes six-day and season pedestrian passes also include a visit to the ice caves, the Belvédère des Ecrins viewpoint and the Behind the Scenes tour of the ski area.

Pedestrian Pass - Les 2 Alpes 2019/20 (€)
prices per person
13-64 yrs
Child / Senior
5-12 yrs / 65-71 yrs
1 Day 27.00 21.60
6 Days 57.00 47.00
Venosc Cable Car Return 6.30 6.30
Venosc Cable 3-11 trips 3.20 per trip 3.20 per trip
Venosc Cable Car 6 Days or 12 trips 34.00 34.00
Venosc Cable Car 40 trips 101.00 101.00
Mont de Lans FREE FREE
La Cote Single 3.90 3.50
2100/2400 Return 10.20 9.20
La Toura 2600 Return 18.00 14.40
Paraglider Pass Single 7.10 7.10

Maps of Les 2 Alpes

How much are cross-country ski passes in Les 2 Alpes?

You don't need a lift pass to access the cross-country skiing itineraries in Les 2 Alpes, all you need is your equipment which you can hire from most ski hire shops in resort. 

Cross-country Skiing in Les 2 Alpes

Are there any other passes available in Les 2 Alpes?

The Easy 2 Alpes or 'Ski a la Carte' is an annual subscription valid for the whole winter season. Pay only for what you use, all ski days are billed the next month and there is no need to go to the cash desk. Enjoy discounts between -10% to -15% on the adult's day rate and up to -40% on Saturdays. In addition, you regularly benefit from promotional days of up to 50% discount. The more you ski the more you save with the 9th, 14th, 19th & 24th day skied only billed at €1!

Ski in Les 2 Alpes, Grand Massif, La Plagne, Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry, Serre-Chevalier, Tignes and Val d'Isere with the same card. Subscription costs €29 for adults aged 18 to 64 and children's cards are free with the purchase of an adult's or senior (€15) membership.

Activity Passes - Les Deux Alpes 2019/20 (€)

prices per person
13-64 yrs
Child / Senior
5-12 yrs / 65-71 yrs
Grotte de Glace 5.50 4.50
Tour of the Funiculaire 6.00
First Tracks 16.50
La Croisette Swimming Pool - Single 5.60 4.50
Ice Rink - Single 5.10 3.60
  • 10 and 25-entry vouchers also available for La Croisette swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool passes available, with discounts for 6-day or more ski pass holders
  • Ice skates rental for €5.10 (€3.60 for children and senior), with the possibility of purchasing an ice rink entry plus ice skates rental for €8.70 (€6.10 for children and senior). Seasonal ice rink passes, as well as ice skating lessons available

How much does Les 2 Alpes ski pass insurance cost?

If you buy ski insurance as part of your Les Deux Alpes ski pass purchase, either online or at the Ski Pass Offices in resort, it will be provided by Assur'2 Alpes Gras Savoye Montagne. The prices above do not include ski insurance, which you can add for €3.30 per person per day. Please, check the insurance policy and the company's T&Cs before purchasing.

Ski Insurance for Les 2 Alpes

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