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Ski Pass Prices in Les 2 Alpes

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Les Deux Alpes is a high-altitude Alpine ski resort with 225km of snow-sure pistes ranging from easy greens to challenging blacks. This ensures that buying a 2 Alpes lift pass is money well spent! We've compiled the ultimate guide with everything you need to know about Les Deux Alpes ski passes, including prices, discounts and deals, so read on to pick the perfect pass for you.

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How much are ski passes in Les 2 Alpes?

It depends. Ski pass prices in Les 2 Alpes vary according to your age, the number of days you want to ski for, the time of year and the type of lift pass. There are also some great discounts available for families and groups.

In our experience, most people reading this guide come to Les Deux Alpes for a week, which means that 6-day ski passes are the top choice among skiers and snowboarders who want to enjoy our mountain playground.

Les 2 Alpes 6-Day Ski Pass Prices - Winter 2020/21
13-64 yrs
6 days from €265
5-12 yrs
6 days from €212
65-71 yrs
6 days from €247.50

How to buy your 2 Alpes ski pass
You can buy your ski passes online and collect them in resort for free or have them delivered to your home for a small fee. Before you buy anything we recommend you check the weather forecast and/or speak to your accommodation provider, who should be able to advise you on the best option.

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Deals & discounted ski passes in Les 2 Alpes

Are there any ski pass deals and discounts in Les Deux Alpes?
You bet there are! Les 2 Alpes offers discounted ski passes for groups of four people, families, beginners, students, disabled skiers and those coming early in the ski season. 

Early-booking online discounts in Les 2 Alpes
Les Deux Alpes offers early-booking discounts on all of their passes, group and family ski passes included. Purchase your ski pass online before 16th October 2020 and get -30% off the normal price. There's also a -20% discount for passes bought online between 17th October and 20th November 2020.

Group ski passes in Les 2 Alpes
There are discounted ski-passes on offer for groups of four people, the so-called 'Tribu' or 'Crew' lift pass rates, which are only available on 6 and 7-day passes for 4 adults aged 13 to 64 years. All passes for the group must be bought in a single transaction for the same duration.

Group Ski Pass Prices 2020/21 in Les 2 Alpes
per person (€)
6 Days 250
7 Days 294

There may also be special rates for groups of 20 people and more, please enquire at one of the ski pass offices.

Family ski passes in Les 2 Alpes
Family rates are available on 6 and 7 day passes when 2 adults and a minimum of 2 child ski passes are purchased together in a single transaction. The adults must be aged between 19 and 64 years old and children between 5 and 18 years old.

Family Ski Pass Prices 2020/21 in Les 2 Alpes
per person (€)
13-64 yrs
5-12 yrs
6 Days 245 192
7 Days 289 227.50

Beginner passes in Les 2 Alpes
Les Deux Alpes offers a 4-hour ski pass that gives you access to 12 drag lifts on the snow front ('bas des pistes' in French) for €20.

Student discounts in Les 2 Alpes
Students under 18 years of age can get discounted passes in Les Deux Alpes upon presentation of a student card.

Disabled skiers in Les 2 Alpes
Les 2 Alpes provides discounts for disabled skiers and their guides upon presentation of an 80% invalidity card for mental, motor and/or visual impairment as well as the guide's ID card.

Early-season discounts in Les 2 Alpes
From 28th November 2020 to 18th December 2021, enjoy a discount of -10% and up to -20% on 2 Alpes ski passes.

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Free ski passes in Les 2 Alpes

Who can ski for free in Les Deux Alpes?
Yes, you heard it right, you can ski for free in Les 2 Alpes! There's a handful of beginner pistes you can enjoy free of charge, while Les Deux Alpes also offers free ski passes to young children and seniors.

Everyone aged under 5 & over 75
Children aged under 5 years old and people aged over 72 years old ski for free. Proof of age required at the moment of purchase. A €2 fee will be charged for the hands-free card.

Free beginner slopes
There are 5 nursery slopes that are completely free to use at the bottom of the ski area, by the snow front.

Ski pass price list for Les 2 Alpes

What do different duration ski passes cost in Les Deux Alpes?
Les Deux Alpes individual lift pass prices depend on your age and the number of days you want your lift pass for. There are two types of individual ski passes on offer in Les 2 Alpes, one for those who want to ski for several days in a row and another one for those who prefer ski on non-consecutive days.

Consecutive days ski passes in Les 2 Alpes
There are ski passes available from half a day to 13 consecutive days. These offer the best value for money when coming to Les Deux Alpes in groups of 3 people or less.

Ski Pass Prices 2020/21 in Les Deux Alpes
Per person
13-64 yrs
5-12 yrs
65-71 yrs
Before 12:30
44 35.50 41.50
After 12:30
45 38 42
1 Day 53 42.50 49.50
2 Days 106 85 99
3 Days 159 127.50 148.50
4 Days 212 170 198
5 Days 244 195 277.70
6 Days 265 212 247.50
7 Days 309 247.50 288.50

*Half-day passes available at the ski pass offices only.

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Ski Areas in Les 2 Alpes

Pedestrian passes in Les 2 Alpes

How much are pedestrian passes in Les 2 Alpes?
You'll be glad to hear that pedestrians can also enjoy the Deux Alpes ski area in the winter. Pedestrian passes grant access the following Les 2 Alpes lifts: Venosc cable car, Jandri Express I and II, Funiculaire and Mont-de-Lans, Cote, Belle Etoile, Village, Diable and Oeufs Blancs chairlifts.

Pedestrian Pass Prices 2020/21 in Les 2 Alpes
Per person
13-64 yrs
Child / Senior
5-12 yrs / 65-71 yrs
1 Day 27 21.60
6 Days 57 47
Venosc Cable Car Return 6.30 6.30
Mont de Lans FREE FREE
La Cote Single 3.90 3.50
Jandri 1 / Village /
Diable Return
10.20 9.20
La Toura Return 18 14.40

The Deux Alpes 6-day and season pedestrian passes also include a visit to the ice caves, the Belvédère des Ecrins viewpoint and the Behind the Scenes tour of the ski area.

Maps of Les 2 Alpes

Cross-country ski passes in Les 2 Alpes

How much are cross-country ski passes in Les 2 Alpes?
You don't need a lift pass to access the cross-country skiing itineraries in Les 2 Alpes! All you need is your equipment which you can hire from most ski hire shops in resort.

Cross-country Skiing in Les 2 Alpes

Activity passes in Les 2 Alpes

Are there any other passes available in Les Deux Alpes?
Yes, there are! Les 2 Alpes offers special passes for activities such as the local swimming pool, ice rink or ice cave. These are available at the ski pass offices only. There are also non-consecutive ski passes available.

20-Day Freedom Ski Pass
The Freedom Ski Pass is a 20-day non-consecutive pass that lets you use it whenever you want throughout the season. Get it for €605 per adult, €484 per children or €544 per senior. A great discount is available when purchasing this pass online before 1st November 2020.

Activity passes
In Les 2 Alpes, you can buy passes to access the swimming pool, ice rink and ice cave. There are also tickets to take part in a few activities like First Tracks (opening the slopes with the 'pisteurs' in the morning) and a tour of the funicular railway that goes up to the glacier.

Activity Pass Prices 2019/20 in Les 2 Alpes
Per person
13-64 yrs
Child / Senior
5-12 yrs / 65-71 yrs
Grotte de Glace 5.50 4.50
Tour of the Funiculaire 6.00
First Tracks 16.50
La Croisette Swimming Pool - Single* 5.60 4.50
Ice Rink - Single** 5.10 3.60

*10 and 25-entry vouchers also available for La Croisette swimming pool. Jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool passes available, with discounts for 6-day or more ski pass holders
**Ice skates rental for €5.10 (€3.60 children and senior rate). Ice rink entry plus ice skates rental for €8.70 (€6.10 children and senior rate). Seasonal ice rink passes and ice skating lessons available

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Season passes in Les 2 Alpes

How much are season passes in Les Deux Alpes?
Les 2 Alpes season pass prices depend on when you purchase your lift pass, as there are deals and discounts to be enjoyed when buying it in advance.

Season Ski Pass Prices 2020/21 in Les 2 Alpes
Per person
13-64 yrs
5-12 yrs
65-71 yrs
Season 1009 807 908
Season Pre-Sale
before 16.10.2020
706 564.50 635.50
Season Pre-Sale
807 645.50 726
Half Season
from 13.02.2021

The Deux Alpes season ski pass includes 10 days in Alpe d'Huez, 3 days in Montgenevre, Puy St Vincent, Serre Chevalier and Sestriere, and one day in Flaine. It also includes access to the swimming pool and ice rink.

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Ski season dates in Les 2 Alpes

When can you ski in Les Deux Alpes with your ski pass?
In winter 2020/21, the Deux Alpes ski season runs from 28th November 2020 to 24th April 2021. Ski-pass prices are usually cheaper at the beginning and the end of the season, when not all of the lifts may be open. Therefore, there are two season bands that apply to lift-pass prices:

Season Dates in Les Deux Alpes Winter 2020/21
2 Alpes Early Season 2 Alpes Main Season
28th November -
18th December 2020
19th December 2020 -
24th April 2021

Ski Lift Opening Dates Les 2 Alpes

Where to buy ski passes in Les 2 Alpes

There are two main ways of purchasing your 2 Alpes ski pass: online and in resort.

How to buy your 2 Alpes ski passes online – A step-by-step guide
To save time, you can pre-order your Les Deux Alpes ski passes online. The process is really simple: 

  1. Click on the button below, which will take you to Les 2 Alpes' main lift pass website
  2. Select your desired pass (ski pass or pedestrian pass), the number of days you want to ski, your first ski date, the number of skiers and their ages
  3. Any discounts you may be eligible for will be automatically applied to the price of your passes
  4. Choose if you want ski insurance or not – we recommend you add it
  5. State whether you already have a rechargeable card (in which case you'll need to insert its WTP number – see below for more information) or you don't (a €2 fee will be added for the card)
  6. Create an account with your personal details
  7. Choose whether you want your ski passes to be delivered to your home address for a small fee (allow at least 10 days for delivery outside France and 7 days within France), or you prefer to pick them up at one of the ski pass offices or self-service terminals, located in the resort's main square and Diable ticket offices with your confirmation email and an ID
  8. Pay for your ski passes

That's it, you're all ready to hit the slopes!

Buy Deux Alpes Ski Passes Online

How to buy your 2 Alpes ski passes in resort
You can also buy your pass at one of the lift pass offices when you get to resort. There are three main ticket offices in Les Deux Alpes. The biggest one is located in the main square at the foot of the Jandri Express lift while the other two are situated in the information point and near the bottom of the Diable chairlift. Small ticket offices are located at the bottom of the VenoscPetit Aiguille and Village lifts but these may not be able to sell the less common types of ticket.

If you're uncertain of the pass you need or are looking to see how the weather is before buying your pass, then this can be a good option. The lift pass office staff is also great at advising exactly which pass is best for you while some passes, such as beginner lift passes, are only available at the ski pass offices. Be warned, though, you may have to queue, especially at busy times.

Ski/Lift Pass Offices in Les 2 Alpes

How ski passes work in Les 2 Alpes

Ski passes in Les Deux Alpes are loaded onto a rechargeable SmartMedia card, which is more or less the size of a credit card and has a chip that stores the lift pass information. This hands-free card is read remotely at the entrance of the lifts, so you just need it to put it in a pocket on your left side (many ski jackets have a special pocket on the left sleeve) and the turnstile will activate remotely as you pass through. Keep it away from your credit cards, mobile phone or other ski passes as they may obstruct the card reading. Hands-free cards cost €2 in Les 2 Alpes, and this fee is not refundable.

What is a ski pass WTP number? You can recharge and top-up your Deux Alpes hands-free card as many times as you want over several years. In order to do so, you need to enter the card's WTP (Wireless Transaction Protocol) number when purchasing your pass online. You can find this number on your card. After you've recharged your hands-free card in advance, you can generally go directly to the lifts without having to stop at the lift pass offices.

Worth knowing – About Les Deux Alpes ski passes
Unless otherwise stated, ski passes and prices are generally subject to the following terms:

  • A hands-free pass costs €2 if you don't already have one to recharge
  • 2-day ski passes and longer include 1 free entry to the swimming pool or ice rink per day (extra charge for skate hire)
  • 6-day ski passes and longer include 2 days in Alpe d'Huez (bus shuttle service available twice a week) and 1 day in Serre Chevalier, Puy St Vincent, Montgenèvre and Sestrière (subject to conditions)
  • Prices shown are for the main season
  • When buying ski insurance as part of your Les Deux Alpes ski pass purchase, either online or at the ski pass offices in resort, it will be provided by Assur'2 Alpes. The prices above do not include ski insurance, which you can add for €3.30 per person per day or €47 per season. Please, check the insurance policy and the company's T&Cs before purchasing.
  • Longer duration ski passes available online and in resort

Prices, offers, discounts & conditions are shown here as a guide only and are subject to change – to be confirmed at the time of booking. Further terms & conditions may apply. Prices may be subject to changes in sales tax.

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