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Disabled skiing in Les 2 Alpes

Discover the top Les 2 Alpes disabled skiing options


Les 2 Alpes is a fantastic place to visit for people with disabilities, who can enjoy everything that it has to offer both in the town and mountains.

A disabled skier tries assisted skiing in a sitski

Adaptive skiing in Les 2 Alpes

ESF Les Deux Alpes has a number of instructors qualified in teaching skiing to people with disabilities; we recommend you book in advance to ensure availability.

Specially trained instructors can take care of all types of disability including visual, motor and mental. Wheelchair skiing requires equipment adapted to your disability and your progress in skiing. The ESF Les 2 Alpes has both a Dualski and a Ski Kart.

image of Les 2 Alpes Tourist Office sign

Disabled tourism in 2 Alpes

There are a couple of accommodation options in resort that cater for visitors with disabilities, mainly Mercure Hotel and Chalet Mounier. Please enquire directly with them for specific details.

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Wheelchair access in Les 2 Alpes

Various buildings and public services are accessible for wheelchairs, and the shuttlebus vehicles are fitted with a ramp for wheelchair users. The Palais des Sports is accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs.

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Lifts and Attractions in Les 2 Alpes

The lift offices offer a substantially reduced pass for disabled skiers, plus a free pass for a carer if required. You need to take proof of your disabled status (French people have disability ID). If you need a carer, they’ll look for some sort of justification for this as well. If your disability is visible (eg wheelchair user, loss of limb etc) there should be no question, but the cashier will clear the sale with a supervisor first.

Sit-Ski access is restricted to certain lifts – ask at the ticket offices for details. You can definitely use the Jandri Express, which gives you access to most of the resort’s main pistes.

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