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Bad Weather Ski Areas in Les 2 Alpes

Discover the top Les 2 Alpes bad-weather skiing


The high, open pistes can often lack the contrast required for orientation during white out conditions and slope and sky can blur into one.

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The trick during a whiteout is to head for the pistes that are tree-lined, as they help provide definition when everything else seems to be white. Due to the lack of woodland area on the slopes, Les Deux Alps is not the best resort for when the weather closes in and visibility is bad. Having said this the fact that the mountains go so high means sometimes you can escape the bad weather by heading higher up and popping out over the clouds. Always check out the webcams.

Also, if it’s lashing down with rain in the valley, it means it’s snowing up top, giving you the best and freshest powder you’re likely to ski on, and because it’s a bad weather day, chances are, you’ll have the mountain to yourself.

If the clouds are high up too then it is best to stick to those runs that are lower down, more gentle and less bumpy to avoid hitting anything unexpected underneath your skis or board. The Pied Moutet side of the resort is a good place to head to. There are more blue runs at low altitude than the main side and the Kanata is a great place for a vin chaud by an open fire. They boldly claim to have the best vin chaud in the Alps, classily served in half-pint glasses...

It is always a good idea in bad weather to stop and have a hot chocolate or coffee in a mountain café, you can assess the weather on the hill and make a decision about whether to carry on or call it a day.

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